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June Practice Update

June 22, 2020 Dear Abiding clients and friends, Happy Summer solstice, the moment in the year where life is at its fullest expression, radiant and fiery.

Acupuncture offices have been sanctioned to reopen in the state. During the shutdown, practitioners were and continue to be well-schooled in safe ‘pandemic’ practices. That said, about half of my colleagues have opened their doors to about a third of their normal caseloads. The remaining practitioners are choosing to be more cautious. Our global experience of holding and staying – pandemic reality - has precipitated the expression of societal unrest, particularly racial and economic injustice and inequality. The ground of society is changing. Many experience this in deeply personal ways and are choosing to ‘reemerge’ from their relative quiet with new focus and objectives. I encourage you check in with your own experience.  Use your insights to make sane and simple choices – wise during times of change - as you step back into your lives. My intention remains the same, to wait and watch through the summer before officially reopening my practice. Should you be in crisis, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am available to help. I also remain available to ‘chat’ via zoom. In the quiet moments, I encourage you to genuinely just be. Feel and be with whatever shows up. In the end, all spiritual practice delivers us to the place of being – resting, abiding, relaxing – fully within our experience of life, as it is. With love, infused with grief and heartbreak and the thousands of ways joy expresses itself, Megan

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