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March 2021 Practice Update

Dear Ones,

It has been many long months since last being in touch.

Now the March sun begins to warm, both ground and spirit. We are in the early weeks of Vermont spring when the sap rises between thaws and freezes. Returning redwings and geese are buffeted by gusty winds, scudding dark clouds racing across the sky. This is the wild ride of early wood season energy, the stop and start, the rustling that begins from intention gaining direction. The old is unearthed and new shoots are ready. Be steady!

We are in a difficult year, one asking for resilience and adaptation, full of heartbreak and isolation from which we are not immune. Hope and joy are also at the doorstep, stripped clear of expectations. For that I offer this beautiful song, this prayer, this invocation, written by Abigail and Shaun Bengson, The Keep Going On Song.

When I listened, it brought up a deep well of tears I did not know was there. Grief opens, in the most tender and beautiful and potent ways.

I am now fully vaccinated, hooray for that!, and hope many of you are as well. I have moved my office home and am seeing a handful of people who have expressed a need for treatment. And I intend to have a smaller practice going forward.

That said, I am now available to see people. As always, my passion is working with people committed to personal growth and receptive to the subtle potency of energetic medicine, the foundation of who we are as beings on this good and radiant earth. I welcome our reconnection.

If you chose (or have chosen) to see another practitioner at this juncture, I wish you every, every, every good wish.

Now for the business:

Please email me,, if you wish to schedule treatment. My office is separate from my living space here in North Ferrisburgh. I will practice in compliance with state covid rules: masks on, washing hands, distancing, sanitizing - and ask you to do the same. Please, do not come if you are sick or have traveled or are more freely seeing people without full vaccination.

My rates have slightly increased. Please, whether you are presently coming for treatment or returning, look at my website,, to see the new rates. These rates will apply to everyone unless I specifically tell you otherwise. I accept cash or check. If I haven’t seen you in over a year, I will schedule your first session for an hour, with the added charge.

Until covid is behind us, a bathroom will be available for emergency only. The great outdoors are always available for peeing. Please use your at-home bathroom before you come.

May this glorious sun today warm you, body and soul.

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