The Five Elements - Going Deeper

   This live class has been canceled. In the coming weeks I will be filming this material to present online in short 4-6 ceu offerings. Stay tuned!

a two - day course for acupuncture practitioners

presented by Megan Godfrey

The Five Elements - Going Deeper integrates the Daoist and Buddhist five element paradigms. The Daoist tradition, from which Chinese Medicine arises, brings sophistication to our understanding of our self. It outlines how to build healthy ego and live a balanced life. The Tibetan Buddhist tradition looks deeply at the nature of mind (and heart!) and points out the inherent relationships between mind/emotion and wisdom.

This class thoroughly presents the fundamental energetics of the elements as they arise in nature. We will build an understanding of the elements from the ground up, including the 12 officials, yin and yang, and heart and mind.


From this material we can see how the elements embody and express the cyclical nature of life and life experience, the material we refer to most readily as we address physical, emotional, and spiritual distress in our patients.


Further, we will discuss their wisdom - transformative - nature as revealed in the Tibetan Buddhist five wisdom teachings. This body of knowledge provides insight into the inherent relationships between energy, mind, emotion, and wisdom.


Each of these three kaleidoscopic lenses reveals unique insight into the nature and depth of the five- element tradition. Like building blocks in a language, each brings information to the heart of our work that we can’t access when we focus on just one perspective.

We will look deeply at the nature and function of emotion and mind and the interplay between rational thought and non-rational emotional experience. Emotion is significant in that it serves as a bridge between confusion and wisdom. Yet we must understand the context within which emotion arises, the function it serves, and its inherent wisdom to deepen emotional intelligence. The five elements provide this insight. From their wisdom aspect, we can map a path of growth from ego (me and mine) to manifesting our potential as fully awake conscious beings. 

This is a class for all practitioners of Chinese medicine, regardless of methodology. My focus on emotion will be presented in a manner for you to deepen your understanding of emotional balance and imbalance as you work with these issues with your patients. This class is a foundation for the remaining classes offered here.


For detailed information, see the schedule below.

"Thank you so much for your Emotional Mapping course! The wheels have been turning for me since your class, so much help and connections made."

- Sarah K., Acupuncturist

"Megan…is a highly experienced and gifted five element acupuncturist and natural teacher. Megan brings her clarity of mind and energy to upgrade mine every time we meet."

- Jean G.


Day 1


9 am – 12:30 pm

Daoist understanding of reality: the five elements, thesis of balance

Origin mandala: the energetics of each element, kidney/fire axis, time/space continuum, constitution

Cycles of growth: yin and yang, 12 officials, control, mother/child

Self and ego, 5 stages of development 


12:30 – 1:30 pm

Lunch (provided)


1:30 – 2 pm

Meditation instruction with focus on posture, the experience of body

2 – 5:30 pm

Buddhist understanding of reality, the 3 kayas

Wisdom, the transformative factor, from ego to awake

Mandala of the five wisdom energies, the five skandhas; the 4 skillful means

Architecture of the mind: thought, emotion, awareness (and heart!)


Day 2


8:00 – 11:30 am

Emotional intelligence

Balance, deficiency, excess

Emotion as transformative experience: the five families of emotional experience


11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Lunch (provided)


12:30 – 1:30 pm

Somatic Meditation


1:30 – 4:30 pm

Introduction to working with emotion: method of inquiry

Practitioner-patient interaction: working with emotion

Employing wisdom of the five elements: acting wisely, the five disciplines

Please arrive 20 minutes early each day to get settled and be ready to begin on time.


If you are not familiar with five element acupuncture theory, and are committed to learning more, I suggest you purchase and read Nourishing Destiny, by Lonny Jarrett.

Fees and cancellation policy

The fee for this course is $250. The fee for returning participants is $170. All fees are due upon registration. If you cancel more than two weeks before the course, your money will be refunded, minus a $30.00 administrative fee. No refunds will be issued if you cancel less than two weeks before the course. You will receive your NCCAOM CEU certificate at the end of the day on Sunday.

Class Location

This class will take place at the Shelburne Town Hall, second floor (see signs as you enter the building) in Shelburne Vermont. There is ample parking outside the Town Hall. 


Travel, Lodging and Dining

Here are links to local resources for area lodging and dining. This is a relatively quiet travel time in Vermont, and you should not have trouble booking lodging. That said, because Vermont is a travel destination, I would encourage to you book your travel plans soon. Shelburne is a 20-minute drive south of Burlington on Shelburne Road, Route 7. Bus service is available from Burlington via Green Mountain Transit: See the Shelburne Road schedule.



What to Bring

Please bring a light shawl to stay warm during meditation. If you have them, bring meditation cushions for meditation both days. You may also sit in a chair for meditation. Water, tea, lunch and snacks will be provided both days. You may also choose to bring a water bottle. Spring can be chilly in Vermont, dress warmly!


For further questions, please contact Megan at or 802-985-5480.

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