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Acupuncture Practice Update - May 2020

Dear ones,

With yearly amazement, here is the onset of riotous green and glorious bulbs, soothing our winter and mud and grey muted souls. Yesterday, the gentlest of spring showers accompanied me on a walk, so happy to be out in a rain born of scudding dark clouds racing across blue skies. After the intensity of spring in March and April, here is our sublime Vermont spring!

It is six weeks since closing my office door. After a tumultuous transition, I have settled into a rhythm grounded in considerable meditation practice and study, grateful for this unexpected interlude. Like many, I have gotten to see what's there, what's true for me, what's being nourished and what is missing. I have been happily surprised to hear how well many people are doing in their much simpler lives. With fewer choices and enforced simplicity, many people are thriving. I hear from therapist friends that their teenage clients report a remarkable decrease in anxiety. And those with young children at home and/or whose work situations have intensified are exhausted and adapting.

This quieter societal moment comes with both hardship and gifts. I encourage you to take a look at your own experience. Use your insights to make sane choices about what you do and how you do it as you slowly step back into your busier lives. Remember, this is the year of the metal mouse, time of renewal and fresh starts. As always, I'd love to hear how you are doing.

I am doing the same. As of now, my intention is to wait until at least mid-June before considering when and how to reopen my practice. I have no desire to treat anyone wrapped in disposable plastic! When I do open, I will be observing recommended safety measures and procedures. That said, I believe we have much to learn about social interaction in the weeks ahead. Be cautious.

As always, should you be in crisis, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am available to help.

Beginning Wednesday, I will be offering beginner meditation instruction via the Burlington Shambhala Center zoom platform. Here is the link if this interests you:

Meditation is not a means of escaping our reality or creating a set of pleasant experiences, or 'fixing' anything. It is about learning to recognize that goodness is the ground of our fundamental nature, just as we are, right here and right now. Our inability to deeply know this gives rise to our experiences and habits of struggle and confusion and prevents us from resting in the simplicity of being. Meditation is about learning how to fully be in the rich expression of our lives.

So, in the quiet moments available to you, I encourage you to genuinely just be, and be with whatever shows up.

Enjoy spring as it unfolds. With tremendous love in all of its many expressions, especially our joy and our deep sadness,


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