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Covid - 19 Advice

Updated: May 6, 2020

If you are sick, stay home and away from others and contact your doctor.

Stay hydrated. Really. 64 ounces of plain water daily is essential now.

Eat well. Cut out sugars and alcohol.

Gargle with apple cider vinegar or lemon in warm water every morning. This will help clear virus (of any type) from collecting in your throat.

Take 15-30 mg of zinc daily, your best virus fighter. Remember, don't take extra Vit C as this prevents zinc from being effective.

Practice social distancing. Really do it.

Wash hands regularly, after you have been out, and before you eat.

Make a simple mixture of 4 TBSP bleach to one quart water as an at-home anti-viral spray. Use it on frequently used surfaces such as sinks, sponges, phones, credit cards, laptops to keep your space clean.

Follow the ample advice out there about not touching public surfaces.

Get exercise every day. Our natural world is the most supreme tonic. Watch Spring unfold!

Smile at the strangers you pass out walking from your 6 foot distance.

Make ample time daily to unplug, unhook, and relax.

Keep life simple.

Talk to your friends and family to stay connected. Give lots of virtual hugs.

Zoom, but don't do too much zoom.

Treat yourself to a self-massage of wrists/hands and ankles/feet daily.

Read. Play.

Listen to your favorite music.

Sit quietly and listen.


Get enough sleep.


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