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  • Emily Corley

Fixing and Healing

Many people don’t want to see the deeper implications of their confusion. They don’t want to change the way they relate to their life. They may not know how to change or why it’s important. They want a fix.

And, in many ways, medical intervention (physical, emotional, and mental) fixes things without engaging a genuine healing process. People take medication to alleviate pain without inquiring into the source of the pain and or addressing why that pain is happening in the first place. People ‘manage’ their experience so they don’t have to make changes to their life.

There are no black and white answers to what is fixing and what is healing. In some situations, fixing and healing happen simultaneously. I might recommend that a person take anti-inflammatory meds to address an acute, benign inflammatory process. By doing so, they sleep at night. Through the course of those eight peaceful hours, the medication facilitates greater blood flow causing the soft tissue damage to significantly recover. People who believe they must never take pain medication can prolong and delay their healing process, often unnecessarily.

To ‘fix’ something keeps it in stasis. Stasis is a natural, adaptive strategy. Seeds, themselves, the foundation of all life on earth, are life force energy held in stasis. Tumors keep cancer contained. Antidepressants prevent many people from acting on suicidal thoughts. When we look at the progression of most disease, we see stages of stasis.

I spend a great deal of effort in my practice re-balancing energy which is nothing other than fixing, bringing a person back to balance. Fixing is a significant aspect of our healing process altogether. Fixing is appropriate and wise when we’re not ready to consciously relate to our issues and when relating to our issues causes more stress.

That said, our potential in this life is to fully wake up. We must employ fixing strategies wisely. Yet, fixing is not the same as healing. Our issues are opportunities that reveal the aspects of our life that want to come back into balance, allowing us to grow. They ask us to be in an active relationship with our experience to bring our confusion forward, into conscious awareness, so we can clear it.

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