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  • Emily Corley

Illuminated Sea

Illuminated Sea is the name of an acupuncture point on the Kidney pathway of energy. It is located in a soft crook between two tendons just below our ankle bone on the inside of our foot. Pathways of energy are bi-lateral, so we have this point on both of our ankles. Find this point and gently massage it in clockwise motion. What do you feel?

Most acupuncture points have elegant names. They evoke an image of the nature of the energy we access at the point. Illuminated Sea conjures a picture of moonlight dancing on ocean waters at night. The reflection changes as the water moves. Breaking apart and coming together. The moon, dark, night, and ocean are all images of feminine energy, yin energy, core energy, inner power, our essential nature. Yin energy stores our essential nature, yet it is unformed, creative, full of possibility. Illuminated Sea tells the story of the dance between certainty and uncertainty, how our knowing emerges from chaos and confusion, our ability to trust the transition from one moment of certainty through the dark to the next clear moment. The light of the sun is reflected off the moon onto dark, dancing waters, distant, yet it is there. Illuminated Sea is an invitation to relate to and trust the depth of who we are in this life. Connecting with this point strengthens our capacity to trust our core nature, our intuition, our creative capacity, and our ability to sustain ourselves through times of transition and not knowing with a degree of faith and certainty.

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