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  • Emily Corley

The Five Elements

1. Every person is conceived as a seed of profound, basic goodness. This goodness is an inherent aspect of each person’s unique essential nature and therefore life purpose. Our essential nature is a personal reflection of the entirety of being, or Oneness.

2. Regardless of life circumstance, each of us is continually experiencing and expressing this radiant goodness. At its highest expression, we call this experience love. The air itself we breathe altogether is infused with an experience of joy and love.

3. These two experiences, possessing an essential nature and expressing that nature, are supported by two fundamental and necessary functions. The first is our capacity to faithfully recognize our nature and develop a means of manifesting this into a good life. We have the capacity to grow into the full potential of who we are.

4. Secondly, to be born, to be alive, necessitates the reality of death. Life requires death. To grow requires a capacity to discard the empty vessel that carries every aspect of life to its fullness. It is this discarding capacity that keeps our essential nature pure and therefore preserves and feeds the profound depth of who we are.

5. Lastly, these four primary experiences are embodied. We have a body and live on a planet that enables life altogether. Because we have a body and mind, we experience all aspects of life through the function of our five senses and conscious awareness. Together these provide us with a fundamental experience of belonging and meaning.

These are the experiences of the five elements as we embody them.

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