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  • Emily Corley

The Year of the 'Earth Pig'

Ah, the 'earth pig'.

As I sit and quietly contemplate this new year,

the year of the earth pig,

I am filled with a sad and radiant joy,

born of a heart broken open

naivete long since spilled out upon the floor to look at,

to hold and consider and put down again.

I feel earth's neurotic desire to line up all the ducks,

to confuse certainty with fixation,

to assure all good outcomes,

to put this broken heart back together.

How sophisticated and subtle and political naivete can be!

My wish for each of you, from the the depth of earth/water energy:

May we all find refuge and wisdom in our body of experience.

May we feel how profoundly we are nurtured in our privileged lives, deepening our experience of equanimity and compassion.

May we find 'home' in our steady awareness and therefore fully show up for what's happening now and each next now, as these millions of nows unfold throughout this year.

May this steadiness fuel our capacity to walk our path of growth with confidence and bravery.

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