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The Five Senses and the Nature and

Function of Sensory Experience


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As five element acupuncture practitioners, our five senses, to hear, see, taste, feel, and smell, are diagnostic tools. Sensory awareness is foundational to understanding the nature and function of the elements. And they are an extraordinarily insightful backdoor into understanding the relationship between body and mind. They define the intersection between our experience of things (body) and what we think about things (mind). This weekend will be entirely devoted to a deep dive into sensory experience and the relationship between experience and thought within the five-element paradigm.

This course begins with a review of the energetic architecture of our body. From this viewpoint we begin to understand the inherent relationships between our heart, mind, and sensory experience within the function of our body. We will look at the nature and function of each of the five sensory experiences, as well as what each of the five sensory experiences accomplishes in ordinary life. We come to see that our senses are emissaries of the elements. Each sense and sensory experience is essential to manifesting the function and wisdom of its corresponding element.

This workshop will end with a diagnostic lab where we will explore and deepen our capacity to hear, taste, see, smell, and feel. With these tools, we can identify with greater confidence the color, sound, odor, and emotion of patients, and therefore, their constitutional natures.

Drawing on my training in somatic meditation practices, I will teach meditation practice both days as a means of deepening our understanding of sensory experience. In particular, I will talk about the significance of sensory experience in meditation practice.

It will be very helpful for participants to have taken my foundational courses, both The Elements and Pathways and Points. In the first, I articulate the nature and function of the elements in depth. In Pathways and Points, I discuss the energetic architecture of the body. I will draw on these bodies of knowledge and incorporate them into this weekend course.

NCCAOM ceus will be available for all classes.


If you are not familiar with five element acupuncture theory, and are committed to learning more, I suggest you purchase and read Nourishing Destiny, by Lonny Jarrett.

Fees and cancellation policy

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Class Location

This class will be available via zoom in 5 hour segments. More details coming soon.

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