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  • Emily Corley

Winter Solstice

Take care, all you loved ones. This is the time of year of falling deeply into quiet. It’s like falling in love. Take time to be nourished by

the stars shining in the deep dark night and

chickadees gathering at the bird feeder in the early dawn light and

the relief of dark coming at 4, our signal to wind down and

choosing to read the novel waiting by the bedside and

tea by the fire and

quiet conversation and

allowing our mind to be empty of thought and

that includes those familiar, repetitive thoughts and

that includes our worry, sadness, resentment and familiar emotions

(such as anxiety which is the experience of quiet, amped up) and

allowing our mind to relax into territory not defined or limited by those

thoughts and emotions and

catching the smile on the face of the person walking past and

listening to the sound of children’s laughter and

feeling the crystalline cold on our face as we walk to the car and

smelling the saffron rising from the oven and

feeling the heat of the steam on our face while stirring the soup and

sinking into the world of deeply being. Just being.

From this place all love, this love, rises and reveals itself.

This joy!

This goodness not imprisoned by opinions.

Here, our heart knows true desire.

Here, we find our confidence and direction.

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