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  • Emily Corley


This June has arrived like few others.

It reminds me of timeless moments outdoors as a child, school over, aimlessly roaming field, forest, and brook: seeing, smelling, and feeling whatever I encountered, giving free reign to curiosity, soaking in experience.

This June light is soft, infused with the moisture of spring rains evaporating off wet fields, air sparkling and fresh. The first growth of field grass has grown full heads of seed, wind and waves of grass in joyful play. Breeze mixes with the buzzing of bees and ethereal bird song, alive with nest building and baby tending. First summer flowers open on stalks twice their size from last week; flowers that dazzle, one after another, with impossible beauty: poppy, peony, rose, honeysuckle, locust, each releasing perfume into the air. Evening lingers past bedtime as light slowly fades into soft, intimate starlit night alive with bats and moths and firefly magic.

My husband was born in June. This is his fiftieth June on this earth. How utterly perfect to be born in June.

And my two beautiful daughters were married in June. To them and to all those I know and love with June celebrations: happy day!

You chose and were born into the energy of Radiance itself. The So in KiKi SoSo! Fire time of year. Presence. For you, from the mystic master:

When Grapes Turn to Wine

When grapes turn

to wine, they long for our ability to change.

When stars wheel

around the North Pole,

they are longing for our growing consciousness.

Wine got drunk with us,

not the other way.

The body developed out of us, not we from it.

We are bees,

and our body is the honeycomb.

We made

the body, cell by cell we made it.

- Rumi (translated by Robert Bly)

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