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Writing Sabbatical: Prefatory note

The topic for the first in this series of blogs rose last week in conversation with a wise and insightful patient who reminded me that it was Epiphany, January 6. Many thanks to her! It’s a fitting topic as I begin the next three months of sabbatical from my acupuncture practice. As I write this in clumsy two fingered keyboard fashion, I’m in a plane flying high above the central plains of this country on route to Puget Sound where I will hunker down in a hybrid retreat of meditation and writing.

My objective is to write about the five elements as I know them: alive, vivid, distinct, interpenetrating energies that form the basis of all life in this universe on every level. My intention is to map it all, paying particular attention to the neglected and misunderstood realm of emotion. I am bringing together insight from many years of Buddhist practice and retreat and the practical reality of working with people for 25 years in my acupuncture practice as a faithful five element acupuncturist. We’ll see what happens. I don’t know. Something will unfold. The least I can say is that I have gathered the skills to know how to stay attentive to the process.

This is the first of what will become regular blogs, sharing with you the unfolding process of what I discover as I put finger to keyboard. Please share your thoughts as you read. I want to hear them. They are vital to the integrity of the whole project altogether, so thank you in advance.

Stay tuned!

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